Hydraulic Plate Sheet Bending Machine
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  • Hydraulic Plate Sheet Bending Machine
  • Hydraulic Plate Sheet Bending Machine
  • Hydraulic Plate Sheet Bending Machine

Product Name:Hydraulic Plate Sheet Bending Machine
Brand Name:Baiwei
Warranty:2 Years
Raw Material:Metal Sheet
Machine Type:Bending Machine

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Detailed introduction


Performance and characteristics:
All steel welded structure, sufficient strength and rigidity.
Hydraulic upper drive block synchronous mechanism adopts torsion shaft forcing and mechanical block,stable and reliable wedge type deflection compensation structure.
Slide stroke is quickly adjusted with manual adjustment and counter display.
Backguage adopts mechanical quick regulation, manual fine tuning and counter display.
Parameters of Sheet Hydraulic Bending Machine Press Brake Machinery
Name Unit   Note
Nominal Pressure KN 1000  
Working table length mm 3200  
Distance Between Housing mm 2600  
Throat Depth mm 320  
Stroke mm 120  
Max Open Height mm 380  
Slider stroke adjustment mm 120  
Slider speed No-load mm/s 52  
Full-load mm/s 10  
return trip mm/s 50  
Main motor rotation rate r/min 970  
power Kw 7.5  
model   Y160B2-6B35 B35
Axial plunger pump pressure mpa 31.5  
output volume ml/r 25  
model   25MCY14-1B  
Sliding block motor model   AO2-7114 B14
power W 250  
Rotate speed rpm 1400  
back gauge motor Model   Y802-6 B35
Power Kw 0.55  
Rotate speed rpm 900  
Dimension length mm 3320   
Width mm 1800  
Height mm 2400   


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