1000W Dual Drive Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
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  • 1000W Dual Drive Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
  • 1000W Dual Drive Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
  • 1000W Dual Drive Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Power:1000W
Laser Source:Raycus, NLight, Rofin, IPG
Processing Surface (L*W):3000MM*1500MM
Laser Head:Switzerland Raytools
CNC Control:Shanghai CypCut

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Detailed introduction


CNC fiber laser cutting machine with 3000mm*1500mm, 1000W laser source, the gantry rack double servo drive structure, high inertia torque motor, maximum acceleration can be 1.2G; ultra low cost fiber lasers per hour consumes only 3~4 degrees, is the outstanding performance of a fiber laser cutting machine.
Material Thickness
Stainless steel 0.5-5mm
Carbon steel 0.5-10mm

1. This fiber cutter machine is special cutting tools for metal sheet, clean-cut.
2. Stable worktable and 20 years usage life.
3. Easy to maintain and cutting surface is smooth, no burr, saving time and labor.
4. This machine is economy and competitive.

Technical Parameters
Laser power 1000W
Laser source Raycus, nLight, Rofin, IPG
Processing surface (L W) 3000mm*1500mm
CNC control Shanghai CypCut
Laser head Switzerland Raytools
Power supply AC380V 5% 50/60Hz (3 phase)
Total electric power 14KW
Position accuracy X, Y and Z axle +0.03mm
Repeat position accuracy X, Y and Z axle +0.02mm
Maximum position speed of X and Y axle 80m/min
Acceleration 1.2g
Max load of working table 1200kg
Drawing programming mode AI, DWG, PLT, DXF format import directly
Machine weight 5.5T

Industry Application

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is widely used in kitchen appliance,electrical control box ,mechanical equipment,electrical equipment,lighting hardware fittings,elevator manufacturing,auto parts ,hardware and metal processing.

Samples Exhibition
1000W Cutting Parameters
Material Thickness(mm) Speed(mm/s) Gas Pressure(MPa) Gas Cutting Height
Stainless Steel 0.5 >400 1 N2 0.6
1 280~350 >1.1 N2 0.6
2 90~120 >1.5 N2 0.6
3 35~50 >2.0 N2 0.6
4 15~25 >2.0 N2 0.6
5 10~15 >2.0 N2 0.6
Carbon Steel 1 250~300 1 O2 1
2 85~100 0.5~0.8 O2 1
3 58~70 0.25~0.4 O2 1
4 38~45 0.15~0.2 O2 1
5 28~35 0.15~0.2 O2 1
6 20~30 0.10~0.15 O2 1
8 15~18 0.10~0.15 O2 1
10 10~12 0.10~0.15 O2 1


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